Friday, January 06, 2006

January 6th - Twelfth Night

One of the saddest sights of the year is a discarded Christmas Tree bundled up and ready for the garbage men the day after Christmas. Do "you people" not know that Christmas actually lasts for 12 days?

You've all heard the song yes?
"On the first day of Christmas my true love sent to me:
A partridge in a pear tree"
And so forth and so on. Well, back in England we still observe these twelve days... sort of. All our Christmas TV programming airs in these 2 weeks after Christmas, and we keep our decorations up until Twelfth Night (it's bad luck to keep them up any longer - though there was that one year that Richard & Judy got their dates all confused - and my were their viewers upset!).

In the olden days, these 12 days were a holiday from work, a time to party, the Yule Log would burn, and people would feast on Twelfth Night Cake (which has slowly morphed over the years into Christmas Cake, a rich spicy fruit filled cake, decorated with marzipan and white icing; a cake that no one eats). Nowadays, many people still take time off, mainly to attend the New Year sales and finish up all that goddam turkey (as in turkey risotto, pie, soup, loaf, etc.). But at least Christmas isn't over as soon as the clock strikes midnight!

Tuesday, January 03, 2006

CELEBFLASH: New Year's Eve Edition

The new job is keeping me from the celebs, but a night at out The Hollywood Palladium to ring in 2006 was just the thing the doctor ordered for a few good sightings:

Remember My So Called Life? The short-lived, but critically acclaimed, '94-'95 series from Marshall Herskovitz and Edward Zwick, the creators of thirtysomething. Remember Supernova, that really awful sci-fi movie with the really cute Mr. Jennie Garth as the baddie. Who connects the two? Wilson Cruz. Everyone's favourite mid-90s gay boy, in one of the few realistic portrayals of a teen coming to terms with his own sexuality. And unfortunately we all still remember him for this!

So a while back, soon after I started the blog, Matt from Cosmic Blast asked me to be on the look out for Colt man Chris Wide. Now I said I would, but at the time I really had no clue who he was talking about. Somehow however just recently I actually came across a picture of Chris, and OMG!, unbeknownst to little me I'd been working out right next to (and lusting after) him for months. When I saw him on NYE I got a friend to confirm that that was actually him (which it was). His pictures really don't do him justice, he is much more handsome in person and he truly has the greatest ass ever!

Lastly we have, again, and for the umpteenth time, Mike Ergas - who I might just be in love with. The guy is HUGE! He's only a tad taller than me at 5'6", but he must be close to 230lbs if not more (his off season high is 260lbs). What most impresses me about Mike however is his attitude and professionalism. Although he totally got screwed at the 2005 Nationals, he simply chalks it up as just another experience. The guy is a total class act!

Now I had a couple of opportunities to go up, introduce myself, proclaim myself a huge fan, and wotnot, but being a stupid wuss, I chicken out. Damn me, I'm supposed to be being more proactive in 2006. Not a good way to start!

[To see Mike posing at a massive post-nationals 220lbs click here]