Thursday, May 24, 2007

Countdown to Celebration: It's Almost Here!!!!

Is Tales of The New Republic a second official animated offering that has been kept on the (very) down-low or just another very cleverly done fan film?

Which Drew Struzan designed stamp will get it's very own stamp sheet, as voted on by the American public?

What further delights will Hasbro astound us with in their unveiling of the remainder of the 30th Anniversary Collection action figure line?

How will The Vader Project impact our lives and just what insightful and amusing anecdotes will Princess Leia herself enthrall us with during A Conversation with Carrie Fisher, Saturday evening at the LA Convention Center.

All will be revealed this weekend!!

Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Hulk Smash!!!

Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Since I've Been Gone: Pure Beef!

Having spent almost the entire morning at a Toyota dealership in North Hollywood yesterday, come lunchtime I was starving, ready to eat my own hand off if need be. MacDonald's was the only recognizable eatery in the vicinity, so there we stopped, and there I inhaled an Angus Bacon & Cheese Third Pounder (one of those burgers the cute Boston boys rant about in the commercial - and it was in fact truly delicious).

Talking of pure beef, the 2007 IFBB New York pro bodybuilding show took place this past weekend at the Tribecca Performing Arts Center in the city, featuring such massive meatheads as King Kamali, Silvio Samuel and Dennis James.

Number one meathead of the night however was my man, Branch Warren! Pocketing the $15,000 paycheck, the NY Pro Ring and receiving the Best Legs award, Branch puts a disappointing 2006 season (and a poor 7th place finish at March's Arnold) behind him.

However even with his awesomely freaky mass and conditioning, Branch ended the night just four points ahead of runner-up Dennis James, and according to Flex Online, Branch only won the contest during the final posedown round (which is something that rarely happens, the winner is usually clear after pre-judging and the compulsories).

So lets hear from the big man himself talking to former pro, turned Muscular Development reporter, Flex Wheeler:

Sunday, May 13, 2007

Since I've Been Gone: TV Land

Rosie quits (after contractual negotiations brake down), and former Survivor chick Elisabeth is preggers. Poor Babs now has to find at least two new co-hosts for the surely beleaguered View this fall.

The pretty boy and his ditsy girlfriend (former season 9 racers Eric and Danielle) won The Amazing Race: All-Stars edition! Wasn't this the one team that no one wanted to win?

The second, and far superior, season of Workout seemingly focused less on Sky Sports owner Jackie Warner, and more on her ensemble family of trainers. The slow build towards the death of 44-year old hottie Doug Blasdell brought tears to hottie Brian's (and my) eyes!

Shear Genius is sheer genius (and I'm not the only one who thinks so)! With Jacklyn Smith, an eclectic mix of accented stylists, hair brawls, short cuts, final cuts and the stylist who brought us the 'shag,' what's not to love about Bravo's latest, and campest, Project Runway-esq reality show?

According to Edward James Olmos it seems that those Battlestar Galactica folks will reach Earth in the fourth, and final (or is it?), season of the show when it returns to the airwaves in '08.

Whitney, Lana's first BF on Smallville, is officially the Sci-Fi Channel's new Flash Gordon (not, as previously rumored, the stripper guy from The OC). Super hot Gina Holden will play his beau Dale Arden.

The best show of the 2006-2007 season, Friday Nights Lights, has been picked up for its sophomore season. Yeah! More of Connie Britton's terrific Texas twang!!!

And in an unprecedented announcement by a network, Lost will officially end in 2010! Only 49 more episode left to go!

(And now it's 3 hours of the Survivor:Fiji finale, and I'm currently rooting for underdog Boo!!!)

Friday, May 11, 2007

Since I've Been Gone: MINI Haters

In the past month my little MINI has been vandalized not once, but twice!!!

The first time it happened the passenger side view mirror was twisted/yanked off, and left dangling by its electrical cord from the side of the car without another scratch on it; someone had simply taken it upon himself or herself to “bash” the side mirrors of a number of cars on parked on Laurel (the truck behind me had been similarly defaced). Four hours, and $727.00 later it was all fixed, but what a truly great way to spend a day off work!!!

Then just this past Wednesday, some jackass tore off the fender trim from two of my wheel arches, again on the passenger side. This time however it wasn’t on Laurel when it was “bashed”, but instead parked just off of Wilshire and 9th in Santa Monica while running an errand. At least this damage it purely cosmetic and doesn’t require an immediate fix, which is good ‘coz so far I’ve been quoted $185.00 a piece (plus labor) by the MINI dealership. However I’ve also found one of the pieces on ebay for just $15.00, plus shipping (a big thank you to the stranger at the gym who suggested this).

I keep trying to tell myself that these recent incidents are purely coincidental, but a nagging little voice in the back of my head keeps telling me that my MINI (sadly oh-so distinctive with it’s Union Jack roof and GB sticker) has been targeted. Maybe it’s that fat homo with those two nasty little pugs who I had words with that time. Or maybe it’s the MINI people themselves so they can charge inflated prices for parts and labor. Or maybe I'm just unlucky these days!

Thursday, May 10, 2007

Since I've Been Gone: Back into Tivo Hell!

Why do I do this to myself?

Do I really need BBC America and the Game Show Network added to my channel lineup? Do I really want an unsightly digital cable box (that's too big for the compartments of our TV stand) and add to an already tangled mess of cables?

Is the trouble I've gone through over the past 24 hours, searching through my cupboards for that vital little IR Control cable, having to repeat "Guided Setup" multiple times to find the right channel lineup, getting up at 6am to repeat the whole process upteen more times (all in vain), all so we can watch one channel and Tivo another, is it all really worth it?

Is the $5.00 a month that I'll supposedly be saving really worth it?

At this exact moment in time, I think not!!!!