Thursday, October 18, 2007

KPCC at 89.3

When 98.7's Jamie, Jack & Stench was unceremoniously taken off the air back in January, I searched the dial for a new morning radio show, and came across KPCC at 89.3, the local NPR station in Pasadena. I know a lot of the cool kids in SoCal seem to prefer KCRW with it's Morning Becomes Eclectic ditties, but I've always prefered talk radio (a la Radio 4 back in the UK), so I stuck with Morning Edition, Day to Day and AirTalk on KPCC.
Today is (supposedly) the last day of the fundraising effort with the intention of capping out at 9,000 members. I not sure I really believe Larry Mantle, Steve Julien et al. when they tell listeners they're not there to make us feel guilty during KPCC's Fall Member Drive. Hence, for the first time this morning I threw my hat into the ring, became a KPCC member and pledged my support.
Yes, they made me feel real guilty!

Monday, October 15, 2007

UKBFF: "James L" Wins!

Sunday night's light-heavy (90 kilo) class at the UKBFF British Championships in Nottingham was apparently a very close competition with James "Flex" Lewis just narrowly beating out James Llewellin. Fan consensus seemed to be that while Llewellin did have more upper body thickness, Flex took it with tighter rear shots (particular his lower back and glutes), better conditioning, and generally a more aesthetic shape.

Flex also took on heavyweight monster Darren Ball to win the overall and in so doing earned himself a pro card (yeah). He can now go play with the real big boys!

And finally Flex really took the bull by the horns by proposing to girlfriend Shina (who Joe and I met along with Flex at the 2007 Fit Expo in Pasadena last February). She of course said yes! Congrats to both of them!

Writing on his thread earlier today Llewellin was the most gracious runner up:

"I had an absolute ball. I loved every single minute of it and when my name was read out in second place I knew the right decision had been made. For all the talk and hype, I knew it was Flex's time and he deserved it thoroughly."

Words of a true champion, a man with real class, and one who I'm sure will come back bigger 'n' badder than ever. Good on yer James!

Saturday, October 13, 2007

The Other "James L"

There's another "James L" competing in the light heavy's at tomorrow's UKBFF championships.
On Wednesday I posted some video of James "Flex" Lewis taken last weekend. Pictured here is another Brit also competing in the under 90 kilos (198.4 lbs) class. This "James L" is James Llewellin, overall winner at the UKBFF Birmingham qualifier back in August, and quite a force to be reckoned with back in the UK.
I've been sporadically follwoing this James' progress by reading his contest prep thread over at the UK-Muscle forums. This thread is probably one of the most informative and frank discussions on bodybuilding (from diet, to training, to supplementation) and consequently certainly something no US competitor would ever write. The guy seems to have great heart, knows his stuff ,and a good and loyal fan base.

It looks like there might just be a real fight on between these two "James L's" for overall domination!

Friday, October 12, 2007

Captain America, Not Dead After All!

Can't say I'm exactly surprised. I mean you knew those good folks at Marvel weren't gonna keep one of the all time superhero comic book icons dead forever.

Cap's new duds, designed by legendary comicbook artist Alex Ross, will debut in the January issue of Captain America, #34. This new (and improved) Cap (whoever he may be) will sport not only the classic shield, but also a knife and (for the first time in the comics) a gun!

Since writer Ed Brubaker and the folks at Marvel insist that good ol' Steve Rogers is well and truly dead (assasinated by his lover in Captain America #25), just who is this new Cap? My money's on former sidekick and current Winter Soldier, Bucky, but I suppose we'll just have to keep on reading and wait until January to find out!

Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Sienna Buff aka "Flex" Lewis, Future Pro?

Almost certainly!!!

Flex, good luck on the 14th at the UKBFF British Championships in Nottingham!!!

Monday, October 08, 2007

Just Another Day in LA!

After a long 6-day stretch last week at Spago, today was my additional day off. Time to run a bunch of errands and get back to the gym after a few self-imposed days off.

First stop Golden Apple to pick up Buffy #7 and some other comics. And there is some hot blonde filming some bit, probably for those G4 kids at Attack of the Show, highlighting some upcoming Thunderbolts graphic novels.

Then at Target, you've got a another camera crew following some chick pushing a cart filled with Hanes products, which now seem to dominate the whole men's underwear section. Over in housewears there's Andy Richter, not saving the universe, but rather just shopping with his kids. Andy by the way he is one big tall dude.

At the gym are those cute baseball-capped twins from MTV's True Life "I'm an Identical Twin episode, Maurice, one of the "most gorgeous male models" from Bravo's 2004 reality show Manhunt, and the usual number of completely ripped, completelty shaved down model types that frequent the gym from 11 to 2.

Finally at Rock 'n' Roll Ralphs I waiting in line for the cashiers behind two sportily dressed Latinas. Or so I think. When one has to go back to fetch some iced-oatmeal cookies, I get a better look. Both chicks have big tits, tiny wastes, broad shoulders, strong chins AND Adam's Apples! I'm stuck behind two done-up-to-the-sporty-nines transexuals who barely seem to speak English (and the cashier happens to be Asian who then asks if I'm into bodybuilding and if I know who won last week's Olympia).
Just another day in LA!