Thursday, August 31, 2006

Dogwalkers Jubilant!

Dogwalkers on North Laurel were dancing in the streets this morning after the exciting overnight addition by the City of West Hollywood of a Dogipot!

Now this may not seem such exciting news, but since some bastard stole the makeshift trash can from the middle of the block, and with no other bins close by, it's great again to have somewhere to deposit those lovely little blue baggies.

Walking the pup the streets of West Hollywood you have to time your walk just so, or else you're left holding the bag, literally, for the entirety of the walk! And with Bentley being a two-a-walker, you can see why the presence of this new Dogipot is so special!

The placement of our new Dogipot may also be strangely significant however, it being on the outskirts of Tara, a turn of the Century Colonial Survival manse, that has been at the center of a historic preservation battle for the last 3 years. The City wants to turn Tara, and it's grounds, into affordable housing for the elderly, Save Tara preservationists want to stop all that and, well, do something else with the property that benefits "the entire community and future generations."

Well, it looks like the City's shitting on them, doesn't it?

Monday, August 28, 2006

Awards Season Begins...

And I was fortunate enough not to watch the entire Emmy broadcast, catching only glimpses of the action, and Conan’s rambunctiousness, as we set the restaurant for the Fox post celebration party.

There were cheers from Fox’s party people when 24 and Kiefer took home the big awards of the evening, but other than that… The Amazing Race (again) for it’s two most lackluster seasons! Tony Shalhoub for Monk (again)! Mariska Hargitay over Kyra Sedgwick? Candice Bergen and William Shatner both nominated as supporting cast members in Boston Legal? Ellen Burstyn nominated for her 14 seconds (or so) in HBO’s Mrs. Harris. Bunches of nominations for cancelled shows (Commander in Chief, Out of Practice, Huff, The West Wing and Will & Grace, to name but a few). Come on!

New Voting Rules Yield Ecelectic Winners (please note the incorrect spelling of “eclectic” in the press release) proclaimed The Academy of Television Arts & Sciences. Yes, the 58th Primetime Emmys consisted of a smattering of deserving winners (Kiefer, The Office), a collection of “What the...?”nominees, some cheesy dances moves, and as always, the absence of the truly deserving (this year we remember Veronica Mars, Battlestar Galactica, Gilmore Girls and Everybody Hates Chris. And for all those who want to chime in with Lost and Desperate Housewives, let's face it, their sophomore seasons left a lot to be desired).

And yes, I’m still seething that Buffy, and Sarah Michelle, were never nominated in a major category!!! (One paltry nomination for Joss’ writing on “Hush” barely counts!)

Friday, August 25, 2006

Leg Day Just Got Palatable

Now that I’ve found a good donut shop on the way home from the gym.

Winchells at the corner of Fountain and Vine may not be Krispy Kreme, but certainly satisfied my early morning craving for fried dough. While hack squatting with Joe I fantasized about Krispy’s Key Lime Pie Donuts (OMG! Amazing!), but I ended up with one each of the classic jam filled and coconut-glazed varieties, both perfect with a good cup of coffee!

I think I’ve just begun a new Friday morning ritual!

Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Let's Get Real About Reality

How could Janice let go of Romanian "exotic dancer" Sorin? (I'd let him dance for me any day!)

Why does Mike Boogie meticulously explains every challenge and competition to us on Big Brother? Is he scripted? Is he being paid? Is he hoping to take over from Julie Chen next summer? And how the hell did Marcellas come to be the voice of reason (and my favourite houseguest) before being unceremoniously backdoored?

Why does HGTV Design Star wannabe David compete shirtless in all the challenges?

It's about time that Trainer Jackie is finally done with that little Brazilian biting bitch Mimi! But will it last?

Can a Holy Land themepark really exist in Florida? And are atheists really the most untrustworthy people in America? Morgan Spurlock says so!

Mother-hating, ex-junkie designer Jeff, those neck tattoos must have hurt like a mother, didn't they?

Will donut-wielding Fat Momma beat out smarmy Major Victory and the histrionic Feecback to be immortalized by Dark Horse comics? But when you think Stan Lee, don't you think Marvel?

Was anyone that bored that they watched the finales of Last Comic Standing and Treasure Hunters?

Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Chained to the Desk?

When I got home from work yesterday, the local NBC early evening news was just finishing its broadcast with a couple of those human-interest polls.

I’m not surprised that 23% of Americans can name current American Idol (Taylor Hicks), while only 11% know the most recently appointed Supreme Court judge (Samuel Alito), according to Zogby International.

But it still amazes me that the US is so far behind other countries when it comes it giving its employees vacation days. While the French get an average of 39 days, we Brits 24, those Aussies 17, but you Americans a pitiful 14 days. Plus a third of workers don’t even take this allotted time off, so says Harris Interactive.

This struck a particular cord with me on the eve of my mini vacation (I’m taking the next couple of days off – unpaid – let’s not talk about that any more, shall we). I am off to “the happiest place on earth” to be part of the 50th anniversary celebration. Mikey’s lending me his camera, so they’ll be pictures on our return.

Monday, August 14, 2006

CELEBFLASH: Feed the Boy a Muffin!

Walking into the gym yesterday (yes, I'm back to the grind) I thought to myself "It's been a while, I'd love to see a celeb today!" And lo and behold, I did!

Though really hoping to bump in to some hottie (like Tom Welling or Jensen Ackles), instead my path was crossed by... none other than The WB's Gregory Smith!!!

Gregory Smith?


Greg played Ephram Brown, the permanently petulant doctor's kid on Everwood, the other show in which Brenda Strong died in the pilot and then appeared in flashbacks and dream sequences throughout the first season. Everwood also just happened to be one of the best, most heartwarmingly honest and real shows on television. Sadly it lost it's place on The CW's fall lineup due to the last minute renewal of 7th Heaven (the longest running family drama on US telly and the only show to air on The WB throughout the netlet’s 10 year existence).

Now Greg's not exactly the stockiest of WB actors, but he's at the gym, so at least he's trying, right? (Though he was having a little trouble benching the 35 lb dumbbells.)

Anyways, I point out my celeb sighting to Joe, who has no idea who this "skinny kid" is, and hence this entry's (full) title:

"For the love of god, feed the boy a muffin!"

Greg - Blueberry, Poppyseed or Bran?

Friday, August 11, 2006

HOH Shocker!

Through the beauty of Tivo, I watched last night’s Big Brother eviction episode just this morning with my coffee and cookies. The backdooring of Kaysar was hardly unexpected, what with James’ turncoat formation of the Legion of Doom alliance with Danielle and the Chilltown boyz. What I didn’t expect was Julie Chen’s abrupt revelation to Kaysar that James had turned on S6, and Janelle in particular, calling her a “stupid bitch” among other things.

Kaysar, being suitably devastated, announced that he was “just not cut out for this game,” it being played in such an underhanded way. I just think he’s simply played the game like a pussy this year!

In a more shocking turn of events, Erika is actually not the HOH this week. There were technical malfunctions with the gaming equipment (rewinding my fabulous Tivo it was apparent that Howie did indeed hit his button and should not have been eliminated). Turns out that Janelle is, for the third time, back in charge!!!

BUT PLEASE JANEY, no more stupid nominations ‘coz you want to be the only pretty girl left in the house. It’s time to take out Chilltown, or at least that loser “Chicken” George.

Monday, August 07, 2006


Chunky Chips Ahoy!, for those early morning coffee breaks: $1.66

Ultra Clear Intense Sport Degree, for that extra protection when you need it the most: $2.39

Monster Trail Mix, over 2 lbs of chocolatey-nutty goodness: $5.99

Hem Dazon and other hard to find plastic Mos Eisley denizens: $19.92

Hunting for that matching Sterilite lid and container combination next to the "when did he get so tubby?" Boston Public alumn Michael Rapaport at the Target on La Brea: Priceless!

[ Ok, so maybe not as priceless as meeting say Sue Ellen Ewing, but still cool nonetheless]

Thursday, August 03, 2006

Out of the Doghouse

Today's LA Times Online has a front-page article, Pit Bulls Out of the Doghouse, discussing how attitudes toward Pit Bulls are slowly changing. Like the article says, feisty TV heroine Veronica Mars' best friend Backup is doing much for the breed, but they still have far to go to become the new "it" dog.

When I first decided to get a Pit, I did so having read about their exuberance, intelligence and loyalty. Not only did I want to be one of those "dads" helping to change the image of breed, but I wanted a real dog, not a rat on a lead!

Not knowing how dog friendly LA would be, I got Bentley back in DC when he was just 8 weeks old. The S-Street dog park was right across from our place on New Hampshire, and as soon as I could I started taking him to socialize with the other dogs and puppies. Consequently Bentley "loves puppies" and is probably one of the most social dogs I’ve ever met. As fellow Hart Park attendee Bruiser's dad once said, "If a dog has a issue around Bentley, then that dog has problems."

Walking down the street we get one of two reactions, those who see us coming and either immediately cross the street or pick up their "rats," and those who stop, allow our dogs to interact, and then tell me what a beautiful and friendly pup I have.

The only times I hold Bent back is when we pass pairs of dogs (one of the pair tends to be a bit protective), when we pass old Russians (their smell worries him), and when we pass French Bulldogs (with their "little dog complex" they can be quite aggressive, there’s even one on my street that attacks Bentley when we pass).

But back to LA Times article, which is, for the most part, a very positive piece that sheds some light on the history of the breed and the difficulties faced by responsible Pit owners. Unfortunately the article ends of a negative note, reinforcing the image of Pits as hostile menaces to both other dogs and people. Pits like to play, and they can play hard. Bitter people like dog walker TerriAnne Phillips need to shut up, go home and let the dogs play!