Monday, August 07, 2006


Chunky Chips Ahoy!, for those early morning coffee breaks: $1.66

Ultra Clear Intense Sport Degree, for that extra protection when you need it the most: $2.39

Monster Trail Mix, over 2 lbs of chocolatey-nutty goodness: $5.99

Hem Dazon and other hard to find plastic Mos Eisley denizens: $19.92

Hunting for that matching Sterilite lid and container combination next to the "when did he get so tubby?" Boston Public alumn Michael Rapaport at the Target on La Brea: Priceless!

[ Ok, so maybe not as priceless as meeting say Sue Ellen Ewing, but still cool nonetheless]

Thursday, August 03, 2006

Out of the Doghouse

Today's LA Times Online has a front-page article, Pit Bulls Out of the Doghouse, discussing how attitudes toward Pit Bulls are slowly changing. Like the article says, feisty TV heroine Veronica Mars' best friend Backup is doing much for the breed, but they still have far to go to become the new "it" dog.

When I first decided to get a Pit, I did so having read about their exuberance, intelligence and loyalty. Not only did I want to be one of those "dads" helping to change the image of breed, but I wanted a real dog, not a rat on a lead!

Not knowing how dog friendly LA would be, I got Bentley back in DC when he was just 8 weeks old. The S-Street dog park was right across from our place on New Hampshire, and as soon as I could I started taking him to socialize with the other dogs and puppies. Consequently Bentley "loves puppies" and is probably one of the most social dogs I’ve ever met. As fellow Hart Park attendee Bruiser's dad once said, "If a dog has a issue around Bentley, then that dog has problems."

Walking down the street we get one of two reactions, those who see us coming and either immediately cross the street or pick up their "rats," and those who stop, allow our dogs to interact, and then tell me what a beautiful and friendly pup I have.

The only times I hold Bent back is when we pass pairs of dogs (one of the pair tends to be a bit protective), when we pass old Russians (their smell worries him), and when we pass French Bulldogs (with their "little dog complex" they can be quite aggressive, there’s even one on my street that attacks Bentley when we pass).

But back to LA Times article, which is, for the most part, a very positive piece that sheds some light on the history of the breed and the difficulties faced by responsible Pit owners. Unfortunately the article ends of a negative note, reinforcing the image of Pits as hostile menaces to both other dogs and people. Pits like to play, and they can play hard. Bitter people like dog walker TerriAnne Phillips need to shut up, go home and let the dogs play!